RBM20 Redbox Module Owner’s Manual pdf (2.18 MB)

RBM20 Redbox Module Quickstart Guide pdf (2.69 MB)

ePro Assembly Manual (2.27 MB)

EHH2 Hi-Hat Manual (5.47MB)

ePro Live Bass Drum Head Template (967.39KB) Drum Head Cutouts for Bass Drum Batter Heads when attaching the TruTrac Bass Drum Pad.

Redbox v2 Firmware (227.22 KB) Fifty new custom programs were created to make it a total of 150 drum kits in the Redbox library. They run the gamut from Acoustic, Hybrid, Electronic, EFX, and one man Rhythm Sections, and the last two kits are programmed with the kick and snare using the Aux out for discreet mixing.

Original Redbox Factory Kits (102.28) MB The original set of sounds that were installed in your Redbox from the factory.

Vibetastic Memory Switch Update v2.0 (20.93 KB) For existing Vibetastic Memory Switch kits

Chili Memory Switch Update v2.0 (21.95 KB) For existing Chili Memory Switch kits

Pearl Memory Switcher PC (coming soon)

Pearl Memory Switcher Mac (coming soon)

Used to install new sounds on your Redbox.

Elektron C6 XP_v1.4 For Windows Users (198.96 KB)

SysEx Librarian for Mac users (539.52 KB)

Aux Out SysEx 3.30.11 (13.72 KB) This update assigns the Kick on Aux#1 and the Snare on Aux#2. Includes text file.

Memory Switch Kits are no longer available but here are the instructions to exchange the original factory kits for your previously purchased Memory Switch Kit.

Download the Memory Switch Program, SysEx Librarian (Mac) / C6 SysEx Manager (PC), and Original Redbox Factory Kits from the Downloads tab. You’ll need this program to allow your computer to communicate with the Redbox module. The SysEx Librarian (Mac) / C6 SysEx Manager (PC) will store your User Presets so you can recall your edited kits. Then click the Original Redbox Factory Kits to save the zip file containing the kits. This will ensure you’ll always have the default factory kits in case you forget to save them when performing the Memory Switch process.

Turn off your Redbox module before connecting the Redbox module to your computer with a USB cable. This will allow the transfer of information via the Memory Switch application. Make sure to choose USB Audio Device from the MIDI Interface option in the Memory Switch Program menu.

ATTN MAC USERS: If you have customized any User Kits on the Redbox module, you’ll need the SysEx Librarian program to save these settings:

  • Once you’ve connected your RBM20 Redbox module to your computer, turn on the module and open SysEx Librarian (Mac) so it can recognize your Redbox.
  • Use the dropdown menu in SysEx Librarian and choose REDBOX as the destination.
  • Then click the Record Many button in order for the program to receive all of your data. The SysEx Librarian prompt will then read “Waiting For Syx”.
  • Go to your RBM-20 Redbox module and press the Utility button. Your select options will be:

a. Memory
b. All Trigger Settings

Choose Memory to select ALL settings and then F4 to send them via the USB cable.

You’ll see the SysEx Librarian window show it receiving all of the data.

Once the transfer process is completed, restart your Redbox module.

ATTN Windows XP/Vista/Win7 PC USERS: If you have customized any User Kits on the Redbox module, you’ll need the C6 SysEx Manager program to save these settings:

Before you start, make sure that all of your cables are connected properly.

1. To save your RBM-20 User Edits, open the C6 SysEx Manager application.
2. Click Configure.
3. Choose a USB Device (or Redbox) in the MIDI Preferences window.
4. Click OK.
5. Go to your RBM-20 module, press Utility/SYS (F4) to access the SysEx Send window.
6. Choose 1.) All Memory (sends all edits) or 2.) All Trigger settings (only trigger settings) with the Cursor buttons.
7. Press SEND (F4) to initiate the process.
8. The C6 SysEx Manager window will show a progress bar as it receives the information.
9. Once it has completed, click Save to place your saved file on your desktop.

To send your saved RBM-20 User Edits back to the module.

1. Open the C6 SysEx Manager application.
2. Click the Load button.
3. Select your saved SysEx file and click OK.
4. Turn off your RBM-20 module. Hold down the Save button and turn the module on.
5. The RBM-20 module window prompt will read MIDI RESTORE… WAITING
6. Press Send on the C6 SysEx Manager.
7. The RBM-20 module prompt will read MIDI RESTORE… OK
8. Restart the RBM-20 module to hear your User Kits.
For more information, please visit for more information.

Hold down the REC and ACCOM buttons simultaneously then turn on your Redbox module. The LCD window will read ‘Load the syx. file into the Switcher Program’ when done correctly.

(Windows users: If you see a message that says Windows was unable to install a driver, ignore it.)

Open the Memory Switch Program drag your Unlock file into the Redbox picture. The LCD will first read “Received Unlock File. Send Sound ROM Now‘. Now drag your purchased Memory Switch Kit file into the Redbox picture and the transfer process will begin. The RBM-20 will check the purchased kit’s metadata “Verifying Sound ROM. Please Wait’, and ‘Updating. Please Wait…’ when the transfer is initiated. If you’re not seeing any results, please check your MIDI Interface selection in the Memory Switch Program:

Windows users: Select “USB Audio Device” (the RBM-20 module) from the “MIDI Interface” dropdown menu.

Mac users: The RBM-20 module will be automatically selected.

Your new Memory Switch Kit has been successfully transferred to your Redbox when the LCD screen reads ‘Update Complete! Please Restart Now’. Turn off your module and disconnect the USB cable from the backport. Simultaneously hold down the Exit and Save buttons and turn on the Redbox…. your Memory Switch Kit is ready to play!

To Restore the Original Redbox Factory Kits, repeat Steps 4-7 but drag your saved Original Redbox Factory Kit file on your computer into the Memory Switch Program when the LCD reads ‘Load the syx. file into the Switcher Program’. Once the LCD screen reads ‘Update Complete! Please Restart Now’, turn off your module and disconnect the USB cable from the backport. Turn on the Redbox and your Original Redbox Factory Kits are back in the module.

*NOTE: If you have customized your purchased Memory Switch kit, you’ll need to save these settings using the bullet point instructions in Step 4.

To restore your User Settings for the Original Redbox Factory Kit, open the SysEx Librarian (Mac)/ C6 SysEx Manager (PC) program. If you correctly saved your settings before loading your purchased Memory Switch kit, you’ll see a file titled Redbox. Highlight the file and click the Play button. The RBM-20 module will then automatically receive the data and your User Settings are restored.