The malletSTATION model EM1 is a full sized 3.0 octave adjustable range electronic mallet controller designed for all players in any genre, from the beginning student through the gigging professional.

The adjustable low note range function allows you to set the fundamental diatonic note of the instrument to what you need—low D xylophone? No problem! The malletSTATION is powered exclusively by Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices through USB Bus Power, allowing performance almost anywhere with minimal set-up and equipment.

Designed in collaboration with Keith McMillen Instruments, malletSTATION’s tech-forward design features KMI’s Smart Fabric Sensor technology allowing the silicone bar material to have an extremely sensitive, natural response, including mallet dampening and aftertouch control, and all can be easily tailored to your individual playing style.

The EM1 features a master control section, with 3 programmable faders, 4 programmable buttons, and the fixed function low note and octave shift buttons. In addition, three assignable pedal inputs allow for flexibility in performance such as sustain, expression, or any MIDI parameter of your choice. These controls are fully programmable through a software editor so changing your configuration is as easy as clicking a mouse.

The EM1 malletSTATION is the most affordable mallet percussion controller on the market. The ultra-thin, lightweight chassis allows for easy portability, and the flexible mounting options provide many different ways of using your instrument. This is the only controller that will grow with you throughout your playing career—from music apps on your phone or tablet, to professional digital audio workstations and sound libraries—your sounds, and even the instruments you play, are only limited by the software you run.


43 1.75” (4.4 cm) x 5” (12.7 cm) soft silicone keys
3 MIDI assignable faders
4 MIDI assignable buttons
3 MIDI assignable ¼”pedal inputs
Bottom Note Range Shift up/down buttons
Octave up/down buttons
Natural feeling soft silicone keys, all-weather playing surface
MIDI Assignable buttons and faders for customized control and functions
3 MIDI assignable pedal inputs for expression and sustain
Steel Chassis Design for durability and stability
Optional MIDI Expander to use external MIDI Hardware (sold separately)
Flexible mounting on desktop, X-stand, or module mounts (sold separately)
Mounting plates, stands, cases, covers, and other peripherals available separately
iOS compatibility requires Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter (sold separately)
Full-size USB 2.0 Type-B jack
Mini-USB for connection to KMI MIDI Expander (sold separately)
3 ¼” Pedal inputs (1 expression, two switch)


“Gap Cap” Accidental note covers
3m USB Cable
USB Bus Power
1.6” (4.1 cm) H x 12.6” (32 cm) W x 49” (124.5 cm) L
22.5 lbs (10.20 kg)
Intuitive Online-downloadable Software User Interface for easy MIDI and parameter customization
Class-Compliant MIDI over USB
MIDI over 5-pin DIN (via KMI MIDI Expander, available separately)


Hardware Computer Requirements-

For Mac –
Mac OS 10.6 (or greater)
Intel Core 2 Duo (or greater)
USB 2.0 (or greater) port

For Windows –
Windows 7, 8, & 10
USB 2.0 (or greater) port

Editor Software Computer Requirements-

For Mac OS –
Mac OS 10.10 or later
Intel Core 2 Duo (or greater)
USB 2.0 (or greater) port
100 MB free hard disk space

For Windows –
Windows 7, 8, & 10
64 bit
2.5 GHz processor (or greater)
4 GB RAM (or greater)
USB 2.0 (or greater) port
100 MB free hard disk space

Web Editor
Chrome, Opera or other Web MIDI capable web browser. To check compatibility with WebMIDI, go here:

Manual Quick Start Guide

Manual (updated 7/16/18)
Pearl EM1 malletSTATION Manual 1.0.0

Quick Start Guide (updated 7/16/18)
Pearl EM1 malletSTATION Quick Start Guide

malletSTATION Editor Software

malletSTATION Editor for Mac OS X
malletSTATION Editor (OS X) | Alt. Link

malletSTATION Editor for Windows
malletSTATION Editor (Windows) | Alt. Link

Web-based malletSTATION Editor (must use in Google Chrome, Opera, or Brave)
malletSTATION Editor (Web MIDI)

Recommended Sound Software for Mac/PC

Presonus Studio One 4 Artist (included with purchase)
Pearl has partnered with Presonus to offer original owners of the Pearl EM1 malletSTATION a custom version of Studio One 4 Artist, as well as a Pearl malletSTATION specific Sound Set for use in Studio One. This Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is incredibly powerful, allowing professionals and students alike the ability to record, edit, and perform with their malletSTATION right out of the box using their Mac or PC.

If you are the original owner, registering your malletSTATION on this site will get you the serial number needed to install Studio One from the My Presonus website. Click here for Studio One and malletSTATION Sound Set Installation Information

Pearl’s custom version of Studio One 4 Artist available with the original purchase is not available to the Used Product Owner. The software must be transferred independently from the original owner to the new owner. If the Used Product Owner does not know the original owner, Pearl and PreSonus are unable to provide that information to the new owner. PreSonus products are compatible with a wide variety of audio software for Mac and PC. The new owner can purchase a copy of Studio One from their website or can use one of many other software programs available for professional recording.

Apple Mainstage (not included with purchase)
Apple’s Mainstage (Mac Only) is a industry standard audio application for performing live. This program allows you the ability to assign any control to any fader, button, or pedal with ease. This software is commonly used in the marching arts, broadway, and large musical tours.

You can find Mainstage on the Mac App Store at the following link –

Recommended Software for iOS Devices

IK Multimedia Sampletank CS (not included with purchase)
IK Multimedia’s Sampletank is a very powerful synth/sampling app for iOS devices. There are various melodic percussion instruments available through the Sampletank Store in the app.

You can find Sampletank for iOS on the App Store at the following link –

Apple Garageband for iOS (not included with purchase)
Apple’s Garageband for iOS is a great way to get up and running quickly with your malletSTATION.

You can find Garageband for iOS on the App Store at the following link –

Templates for Audio Software

Mainstage Template
A Mainstage Template containing a variety of sounds already laid out for malletSTATION is available here – Pearl malletSTATION Mainstage Template 1.0

Presonus Studio One 4 Artist
A Template for Studio One is included in the application. Open a new song, and click “Pearl malletSTATION Template” to get started.

malletSTATION Tutorials YouTube Playlist

malletSTATION Performances YouTube Playlist